Why the NIST report on the WTC towers is false



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4 Responses to Why the NIST report on the WTC towers is false

  1. Rainbow Warrior says:

    Great work. Really enjoyed your presentation in Toronto. Very clear and to the point.
    The more we learn the more pieces of the puzzle that fall into place. Fake reports, fake videos fake passports, fake terrorists. There sure is a lot of faking going on. All that really reminds me of a few folks that do all that all the time. Certainly not Osama Bin Laden and friends either. Apparently Osama Bin Laden died in December of “2001”. That is a far cry short of what the US Government has said. I was rather amused when I heard of his recent death.
    Have a good one. Take Care.

  2. iain carstairs says:

    The NIST report is an insult to any scientist – or anyone who believes in the law of physics; the problem is that people tend to believe far more in authority than in the evidence of their own eyes. On a larger scale, events within the United States show that genetic, financial, and social tipping points have already been reached, governing its own collapse, and the events following 9/11 have only accelerated these processes: http://iaincarstairs.wordpress.com/2011/05/09/the-killing-of-bin-laden/

  3. iain carstairs says:

    Sorry, “laws” of physics

  4. RKW says:

    The company responsible for the 9/11 “renovations” including those at WTC is now working on the renovation of the Capitol Dome.



    Here’s a scenario for you:

    A pair of “USAF Al Qaeda sympathizer infiltrators” crash their F-16s into the Capitol Dome during a GOP walkout. Less than one year earlier, President Biden, upon assuming the presidency under emergency conditions, and having gotten Hillary Clinton to become VP without ever being on an electoral ticket (like Gerald Ford), steps down after three weeks to let HRC ascend to the presidency — causing a firestorm of controversy that the GOP fans into near-popular-revolt. HRC is president for less than one year. On April 4, 2015, with the entire national Democratic Party eliminated in one swoop, while the GOP members of the House & Senate will be spared due to their boycott of “the illegitimate president Hitlery Clinton”. Despite previous evidence (http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/06/us/virginia-plane-crash/) that a jet crash could not cause the damage sustained at the Capitol Dome, the GOP remained defiant in their characterization of President Clinton’s recent shutdown of the NSA over evidence of a “coup plot” and her declaration of a National Emergency. Citing the events of recent months as “a deplorable, dangerous authoritarian takeover attempt,” the surviving GOP insist that the nation’s most urgent need was the swearing-in of a new President and a new Congress, expected to be hand-picked by the surviving government leadership. Perhaps it will be “the emergency president” Palin or Paul, waiting in the wings to “restore” the nation with an “emergency Constitutional Convention” that will ratify a new, patriotic legal framework, begin military & intelligence purges, initiate sweeps & roundups, and denounce conspiracy theories that will begin with the mystery renovation company: Turner.

    Did they build Cheney’s bunker (… and tunnels, ala Herman Goering’s tunnels to the Reichstag, presumably used to start the fire) in early 2001 as well during the “renovation” of the Vice President’s residence that reportedly installed a “bunker”? https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&q=new+vice+president+Dick+Cheney+and+his+family.+…+plans+were+quietly+made+to+renovate+the+house+to+make+it+more+secure.+…+under+the+house+to+create+a+bunker+for+the+vice+president%27s+family+and+staff

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