Oswald and Atta: Erratic, Protected, and Seeking Attention

Graeme MacQueen’s new book, The 2001 Anthrax Deception, reveals stunning links between the 9/11 attacks and the anthrax attacks that immediately followed. The book also reviews some of the interesting actions taken by alleged hijacker leader, Mohamed Atta, in the years preceding 9/11. These actions suggest that Atta was trying to leave the people he encountered with memories that would support the official myth. In the few years before JFK’s assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald engaged in similar attention-seeking actions. Considering this leads to the discovery that Oswald and Atta had a lot in common.

The legend of Mohamed Atta describes a man who seemed to be everywhere at once. In just the two years before 9/11, Atta reportedly lived and/or plotted in Germany, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan (via Turkey and Pakistan), Oklahoma, Las Vegas, Spain, and numerous locations in Florida. Oswald also traveled extensively in the years before the JFK assassination—back and forth from California to Japan, to New Orleans, Dallas, and Fort Worth, to Mexico City, and to Minsk and Moscow.

Atta was involved in many notable events in a short period before 9/11. Among other things, he annoyed airport employees, was bitten by a dog, consumed alcohol and cocaine, lived with an exotic dancer, and killed a cat and her litter of kittens. He got pulled over for driving without a license, got drunk and swore at a waiter, and abandoned a plane on the runway. In some of these cases Atta interacted with police and the risk for police interactions was there in almost every case.

Some of Atta’s reported actions suggest that he was trying to leave clues. One such incident, occurring around April of 2000, involved his attempt to seek a U.S. government loan to help him purchase and modify a crop dusting plane for large-scale chemical use. In his one-hour encounter with Johnell Bryant, a federal employee from whom he was seeking the loan, Atta talked about security at the World Trade Center and buildings in Washington. He went on to talk about his connection to Al Qaeda and his admiration for Osama bin Laden. The most vivid memory Bryant had of Atta was his extremely dilated pupils—a symptom of drug abuse.

In his interaction with Bryant, Atta made a big deal about a picture of Washington D.C. in her office. Bryant said that Atta acted like he wanted that picture very badly. Johnell said that Atta’s “emotions kept going up and down, up and down” and he became agitated when she would not sell him the picture or give him the $650,000 loan to buy the plane and equip it with the large chemical tank. To emphasize his displeasure and heighten the experience, Atta suggested that he might cut her throat. Those are certainly not the actions of someone trying to keep a highly secret terrorist plot from being discovered.

Atta’s antics continued until the day before 9/11, when he made an inexplicable last-minute trip to Portland, Maine, leaving with only 75 minutes to catch the flight that he allegedly had carefully planned to hijack in Boston. He conveniently left the most incriminating evidence possible in his luggage.

Like Atta, Lee Harvey Oswald was busy making himself visible before he allegedly assassinated the President of the United States. His activities in that regard are described well in James Douglass’ book, JFK and the Unspeakable. In fact, reports about Oswald suggest that, like Atta, he was too busy to have been only one person. Whoever it was, the person posing as Oswald made a number of attempts to draw attention his way.

Oswald’s strange behavior in the summer of 1963 provided evidence that he was trying to be noticed. In New Orleans, he engaged in pro-Castro activities by pretending to be the head of the local chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee—but he was its only member. This appears to have been a superficial attempt to support what would become the official line that communists were behind the JFK assassination.

Oswald went to Mexico City in the fall of 1963. During this visit he allegedly made phone calls and visits to both the Cuban and Soviet embassies. He is also reported to have written a letter to a known KGB agent who specialized in assassinations. The CIA monitored such communications closely and it is interesting to consider that 9/11 investigation leader Porter Goss was a CIA operative in Mexico City that same year. In any case, whether true or not, Oswald’s reported actions there indicate that he was working to provide a more recent history for himself as a communist operative or supporter.

Another such incident occurred in the last week of September 1963, when strangers visited Silvia Odio, a 26-year-old Cuban immigrant, in her Dallas apartment. They told Silvia that they were members of an anti-Castro group that her parents were involved in. Sylvia was suspicious, but the visitors said they had come to introduce her to an American named Leon Oswald, who accompanied them. A couple of days later, Sylvia got a phone call from one of them who asked, “What do you think of the American? He’s great but kinda nuts. He told us we don’t have any guts, you Cubans, because President Kennedy should have been assassinated right after the Bay of Pigs.”

Sylvia was disturbed by the visit and the call, and she wrote to her father in prison who wrote back that he knew none of the visitors. When Sylvia heard of President Kennedy’s assassination on the radio—before any mention of Oswald had been made—she was convinced that “Leon Oswald” did it and she reported it to authorities. The FBI interviewed Sylvia in December 1963. Although her testimony was not included in the Warren Report, the incident was clearly meant to connect Oswald to the assassination plot.

Oswatta5Apart from their world travels and attempts to be noticed, Atta and Oswald had other important things in common. For one, both of them appeared to be above the law. That is, they both committed crimes and yet they were not held accountable.

There are reasons to believe that Oswald might have been subjected to CIA mind-control experiments using LSD in the late 1950s. In any case, in 1959 he defected to the Soviet Union. At the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, he reportedly told officials that he planned to give radar secrets to the Soviets. That, of course, would have been treason. Oswald lived in the Soviet Union for three years and married a young Russian woman. In June 1962, he was not only allowed to return to the United States, the U.S. government loaned him money to return, never prosecuted him, and claimed to have never even debriefed him.

Although Mohamed Atta ‘s pre-9/11 crimes were not so dramatic, he enjoyed the same unbelievable luck with regard to lack of prosecution or interrogation. In 1995, Atta was investigated by German authorities for drug-related offenses yet was never charged. There is evidence that Atta continued to use drugs, as was suspected of Oswald. Atta’s stripper girlfriend, Amanda Keller, said that he “had massive supplies of cocaine” which he restocked whenever needed at one of the flight schools he frequented in Florida.  Keller said that during the time she dated him, she saw Atta do cocaine on multiple occasions.

Atta should have also been wanted for abandoning a stalled aircraft on a busy runway at Miami International Airport, in December 2000. Although the Federal Aviation Administration threatened to investigate the matter and hold him accountable, the whole thing was mysteriously dropped.

Three months before 9/11, a warrant was issued for Atta’s arrest in Florida. Having been stopped earlier by Florida police and cited for not having a driver’s license, the warrant was issued because Atta failed to show up at court for the hearing. Yet not only was he not arrested, Atta spent the next few months flying all over the U.S. using his real name without being stopped or questioned. He was pulled over again in July—this time for speeding—in Delray Beach, Florida. Instead of being arrested on the outstanding warrant (supposedly still not entered in the computer system more than a month later,) Atta was simply given a warning.

If the Delray Beach police had checked his immigration status, they would have found that Atta’s visa had expired—another crime. A month after that, Atta’s rental car was queried by police in Broward County, Florida. The existing arrest warrant still did not generate interest, despite the fact that Atta had rented the car in his own name. When Atta bought his flight ticket for 9/11, the outstanding arrest warrant was still in effect and his visa had been expired for over two months. It turned out that violating visa regulations was common for many of the alleged hijackers, yet it never caused them problems.

People have often wondered if Oswald was a CIA employee. Whether or not that was true, or can be proven, several of Oswald’s associates were CIA employees. For example, Oswald’s “best friend” in Dallas, George DeMohrenschild, admitted that he was connected to the Dallas office of the CIA. Another close friend of Oswald and his wife was Ruth Paine, in whose house much of the incriminating evidence was found. Paine’s sister worked for the CIA and Oswald’s wife later said that Paine was sympathizing (or associated) with the CIA.

Similarly, Mohamed Atta had associations with people linked to the CIA. For example, Luai Sakra, an informant for the CIA, was reportedly in contact with Atta before 9/11. Sakra’s lawyer later said that his client admitted to helping the alleged hijackers. Moreover, it is known that the CIA made efforts to recruit another of Atta’s friends. This was Mamoun Darkazanli, who along with Atta was a member of the Hamburg Al-Qaeda cell.

By early 2000, Atta was under CIA surveillance. At the time, he began contacting flight schools in the United States. This included communicating with and visiting airports in Oklahoma. Those activities led Atta to the same locations as persons of 9/11 interest such as University of Oklahoma president David Boren and Stratesec CEO Wirt D. Walker, whose company provided security for facilities related to 9/11.

The man who trained Zacarias Moussaoui, the sole person convicted of crimes related to 9/11, now occupies the same airport hangar as Walker’s companies did in the years before and after 9/11. Coincidentally, while Atta and Marwan Alshehhi were learning to fly at Huffmann Aviation in Venice, Florida, “A CIA front company called Air Caribe was also operating out of the very same hangar at Venice airport.” The southwest Florida area near Venice, where Atta and the alleged hijackers spent so much time, was home to a long history of CIA and drug trafficking operations.

Lee Harvey Oswald and Mohamed Atta had much in common. They both traveled extensively in the time leading up to their respective crimes and both sought attention in ways that would implicate them in those crimes. They were both suspected of using illicit drugs. They both seemed to be protected by authorities when they might have been prosecuted before accomplishing their tasks, and they were both associated with CIA-linked entities. Officially the biggest difference between them is that one was part of a conspiracy and one was not, but the evidence indicates that they were both operating within wider deceptions controlled by powerful people.

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10 Responses to Oswald and Atta: Erratic, Protected, and Seeking Attention

  1. Bruce says:

    Just like the definition of ISIS : US (CIA); continuing the Company chronicles of false-flag operations (JFK, 9/11 and now, al Sham) blamed on their patsies, to cover the Bush corporate crime syndicate’s PNAC Attacks with plausible deniability!

  2. RKW says:

    Another link between Atta, Oklahoma & the CIA, from Historycommons.org:


    David Edger, a veteran CIA operative, is nominated chief of station at the US embassy in Berlin. [Washington Post, 5/1/1997] Previously, Edger had been associate deputy director for operations in the Directorate of Operations (DO) since July 1995. [Associated Press, 7/31/1995] The DO is the clandestine operations arm of the CIA. [Tenet, 2007, pp. 18] Many reports in the German and international press indicate that the CIA was monitoring members of the Hamburg cell in the years before 9/11 and tried to recruit informers (see November 1, 1998-February 2001 and December 1999). Although press reports do not mention him by name, these efforts would have been overseen by Edger. He will later say that the CIA tracked some of the people responsible for the 9/11 attacks in Germany (see February 12, 2002). Edger will stay in this position until the summer of 2001, when he is appointed to the University of Oklahoma (see August 2001).

    Appointment Arranged by CIA Director’s Mentor – An announcement says that the appointment was arranged by the university’s president David Boren: “David Edger has joined us as a CIA officer in residence. Mr. Edger most recently was stationed at the US Embassy in Berlin as minister-counselor for coordination, where he directed both military and civilian US intelligence programs in Germany. During the two-year assignment, Mr. Edger will teach courses related to the US intelligence community and foreign policy. President David Boren arranged for his participation at OU.” [Newsletter of the Department of Political Science, The University of Oklahoma, 9/2001]

    Much more at link

  3. There is only one explanation that covers this: he was being protected from on high by the Princes of Darkness.

    Until they are rooted out, expect more evil to previal.

    • mikecorbeil says:

      And why would they’ve protected Atta? Well, because they strategically used him. Once they’ve finished using the individual, then he or she becomes disposable and if the person is a head of state, then also deposable; f.e., Saddam Hussein. “Use and then dispose or depose” is their policy. Of course they might also plan to use the person in a way that they know will eventually cause the individual to be killed; but, not before they’re finished with using him/her. 9/11 evidently was/is an inside job and they knew they were using Atta in this. They also knew that no one on board the airliners used for the attacks would possibly survive. Now, we don’t have proof of who was on these planes as hijackers. We appear to have proof that there were trouble-makers, say, on UA 93 and people can learn about this at 911review.com and/or 911research.wtc7.net. But, there’s evidently no proof about who the trouble-makers were. Atta allegedly was one of the hijacking pilots, but, again, we apparently have no real proof that he was on any of these airliners. If he was, behaved like a person wanting to hijack the plane and 9/11 was/is an inside job, then the western “elites” responsible for 9/11 were finished with using him, once the attacks were committed. If he wasn’t on any of these planes, then he definitely has been silent all of these years, so then he was “disappeared”. To where and how? Surely no place where he’d be recognized by people knowing about 9/11 and that he allegedly was invovled in those attacks anyway.

      It seems that it isn’t credible that the alleged hijackers actually hijacked those planes and 911review.com or the wt7.net website touches upon this topic, presenting questioning and arguing, pro and con, some theories. One at least used to be a trojan horse sort of taking over of the flight control systems and another is remote control. Or maybe the trojan horse one is replaced by a theory about pre- or re-programming of the FCS.

      Several people matching, and it apparently is fully, the identities used by the FBI to describe some of the hijackers were subsequently found to be alive, after they denounced their identities being falsely reported by the US for the 9/11 attacks. When learning about this, none of the reports that I read said that any of these people claimed that their passports, f.e., had been lost or stolen. If none were, then I wonder how the FBI came up with identically matching identities for the alleged hijackers. If these people are all Saudis, then, and given Washington’s relationship with the Saudi govt, the US could’ve surely gotten access to Saudi govt databases about citizens of the country, I suppose. It’d be ridiculous to use identities of people who’re well alive and could certainly speak out to denounce false accusations against them. If recalling correctly, then one, maybe even more than one, of these people are airline pilots. I think it’s for a Saudi airline.

      Oh well, Washington doesn’t need to be very worried about being criminally incompetent, for it’s the super power and what DC dictates for its “masters” is what we get. DC controls, for its “masters”, the military, Justice and other departments, intell. agencies, …, and it seems that the White Housee admin. likes employing executive power; sort of like DC “enjoying” to place criminal, despotic-regime vetoes against UN resolutions that’re more than only justified, f.e.

      Was Atta provably on one of the airliners used for the 9/11 attacks, or not? I don’t recall having read that there is such proof.

  4. tg says:

    Thanks for the post. More related to the torture issue but a poignant book to read.

  5. RKW says:

    This week, on July 1:

    ABC-TV local Florida affiliate reports that “ISIS men show up a local fruit & veggie stand to make loud haggling over price of tomatoes”.


    This tiny news item should have obvious future implications as a new narrative “planted item” for the next Oswald/Atta.


    Milton, Florida is home to Naval Air Station Whiting Field & Eglin Air Force Base.

    The alleged 9/11 hijackers also similarly seemed to live in close proximity to military bases & intelligence agency offices/enterprises.

    Researcher Peter Dale Scott makes the interesting observation about the famous Oswald incident (where “Oswald” allegedly created a public incident at a gun firing range by shooting at another customer’s target & then emphasizing his own full name “I’m Lee Harvey Oswald”):


    >” … In both cases, the identity of the witnesses is interesting. Two witnesses of Oswald at the rifle range [15] were employees of the Great Southwest Corporation, the company which after the assassination provided Marina Oswald with first a suspicious manager, and then an even more suspicious lawyer. [16] The two witnesses just cited who identified Sirhan were both police officers from Corona, a suburb of Los Angeles. In the case of Oswald, I believe the consensus today is that the man married to Marina never visited a rifle range at all, but was impersonated …”

    What can we say about the witnesses of the “ISIS men in Milton, Florida”?

    So far, there are no other news stories about the Milton fruit stand operators to glean further information.

    ABC-TV is an interesting vehicle for such a narrative:

    – In 1995, an FBI informant or mole working for ABC News reported that Iraq(http://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/abc-news-reporter-served-as-fbi-informant/61629) was the culprit behind the Oklahoma City bombing. The ABC/FBI reporter’s alleged source was Saudi intelligence(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRWDPPecX94).

    – In 2001, ABC News heavily pushed a false story that Iraq was the possible culprit behind the Anthrax Attacks(http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=a102601abcbentonite#a102601abcbentonite), even after a U.S. scientist had determined that the U.S. military was the source of the Anthrax strain (http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=a100501amesidentified#a100501amesidentified). ABC News did not retract its story until 2008 under heavy pressure. U.S. Neocons had been heavily promoting the story that Iraq was behind the Anthrax attacks at the same time as the ABC story.(http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=amid0901woolsey911#amid0901woolsey911)

    – It is also worth noting that the only news source for a 2015 news item concerning FBI director (and former Bush DOJ official) James Comey announcing that “ISIS is present in all 50 states” came from a local Chicago ABC-TV affiliate (http://abc7chicago.com/news/isis-present-in-all-50-states-fbi-director-says/534732/) and was not picked up by any national news sources until three months later (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/05/07/isis-attacks-us/70945534/). This story also raised questions of why FBI is monitoring ISIS in 50 states without law enforcement action, and later tried to contrive an answer for that unanswered plot hole.

    Anyone in the vicinity of Milton, Florida could be a hero if they do some solid, non-Cointelpro investigation & interference with this developing planted news story.

  6. Mike Corbeil says:



    Milton, Florida is home to Naval Air Station Whiting Field & Eglin Air Force Base.

    The alleged 9/11 hijackers also similarly seemed to live in close proximity to military bases & intelligence agency offices/enterprises.

    Researcher Peter Dale Scott makes the interesting observation about the famous Oswald incident (where “Oswald” allegedly created a public incident at a gun firing range by shooting at another customer’s target & then emphasizing his own full name “I’m Lee Harvey Oswald”):



    End quote

    Neither of those pages state what you quoted. You need to do better work than this. Eiether you misquoted, or you need to provide your references. Avoiding the former and doing the latter is always a good idea. Either that, or make sure to make it clear that you’re only stating your opinion.

    • RKW says:

      Mike Corbeil wrote:

      “Neither of those pages state what you quoted. You need to do better work than this. Eiether you misquoted, or you need to provide your references. Avoiding the former and doing the latter is always a good idea. Either that, or make sure to make it clear that you’re only stating your opinion.”

      The quote from Peter Dale Scott follows the colon, within quotation marks, as per standard English grammar. You did not select the PDS quote in your mischaracterization of what I wrote. The PDS quote is indeed found at the link that I indicated, and includes Scott’s footnotes 15 and 16 within the text. The PDS quote is found within quotation marks.

      The Oswald firing range incident is indeed described in the PDS link, and the quote about the Great Southwest Corporation comes from the PDS link.

      Milton, Florida is home to Naval Air Station Whiting Field & Eglin Air Force Base. This is a statement of fact, not opinion, and can be confirmed via Google.

      The alleged 9/11 hijackers also similarly seemed to live in close proximity to military bases & intelligence agency offices/enterprises. This is non-controversial and familiar to any reader of Kevin Ryan’s book “Another Nineteen” whose website you are commenting within. The fact that this statement follows a non-related Wikipedia link in a different area of the body of the comment is not confusing because there is no misleading indication that I am quoting this fact from the Wikipedia link. Such an indication would be false and misleading if I had placed quotation marks around it. But the statement of fact is in a separate paragraph and is clearly non-related to the Wikipedia link.

      For a full list of examples of 9/11 hijackers living in close proximity to military bases & intelligence agency offices/enterprises, please refer to History Commons. This is a non-controversial fact.

      I’m not sure which of my statements that you quoted could qualify as “opinion” in any case.

      I will charitably presume that you did not read my comment accurately, and I will be happy to provide you with further links, including Google and History Commons, for any of the non-controversial facts within my text that you quoted, if you feel these facts are up for dispute.

      If you continue to use provocative language about the quality of my work instead of good faith questions to another fellow researcher, then I must presume that your intent is to misdirect, derail, and create an off-topic conflict. If any of my facts are incorrect or you feel they are up for dispute, then in a civil and collegiate manner these disputes can be discussed and resolved without resorting to characterizations about another researcher’s quality of work.

      I suggest we take Kevin Ryan’s measured and civil style of debate as a model for our discussion.

      • mikecorbeil says:

        I don’t imderstamd RKW’s reply or certainly don’t have time to do the necessary verifications. So, we’ll leave this work for other people who want to do it. Simply, I knew the wars on Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, beginning in 1999, were unjustifiable and criminal. I also knew the same thing about earlier wars, some overt, some covert but nonetheless known. I don’t presently have time to do all of the verifications that RKW’s response requires. It’s very possible that I made a mistake or some mistakes.

  7. adam says:

    Oswald went to Mexico City in the fall of 1963. During this visit he allegedly made phone calls and visits to both the Cuban and Soviet embassies.

    Well Atta went to Prague, supposedly to meet the Iraqis, and the photograph they produced obviously isnt Atta, just like their photo of Oswald in Mexico City obviously isnt Oswald.

    Its like history repeating

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