Terrorism and G4S: Was Orlando Another False Flag?

The shooting in Orlando on June 12th demonstrated features that were present in many recent terrorist acts. For example, the suspect was quickly killed and the official account immediately attempted to blame the attacks on Islam. However, as with most terrorist suspects in the U.S., Omar Mateen had been closely followed by the FBI. He also worked for a company suspected of engaging in prior terrorist events.

Mateen was well known to the FBI. In fact the Bureau had interviewed him several times and had evaluated his potential for terrorism on at least three occasions. This fact is noteworthy considering that both before 9/11, and since then, FBI leaders appear to have facilitated or manufactured terrorist acts.

Although U.S. authorities claim that Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS “in the midst of the attack,” Mateen’s family were surprised at the claim that he had any connection to a radical terrorist group. In fact, they said he was not particularly religious.

g4s2Some have wondered why Mateen posed in several selfies wearing clothes bearing the insignias of the New York Police Department (NYPD). Although the NYPD has denied any relation to the shooter, Mateen’s employer, G4S, has some interesting links to previous terrorist events. And it benefits from terrorism.

Mateen worked for the British company G4S since 2007. Throughout that time, G4S has been what people might call a private, special operations military outfit. It is said to be three times the size of the British military. In 2012, a G4S employee was charged with making a bomb threat at the Olympics. Similar bomb threats were connected to G4S in 2013 and May 2016.

Previously called Securicor, G4S provided security at all three airports affected by the 9/11 attacks. Securicor/G4S had bought Argenbright Security—the 9/11 airport security firm—just nine months before the 9/11 attacks. The company later ran operations at Guantanamo Bay.

These facts suggest that all aspects of the attack, including initial reports of two suspects in the shootings and that someone was holding the door closed to prevent people from escaping, should be carefully investigated. Given the connections between Mateen and his employer to terrorism, it would be wise to consider the possibility that the Orlando shooting was more than a simple lone wolf attack.

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8 Responses to Terrorism and G4S: Was Orlando Another False Flag?

  1. Bill Warrick says:

    Do bears shit in the woods?

  2. marvinsannes says:

    Islam, assault rifle, dead lone gunman, calls 911 to pledge ISIS, FBI involved – again, if this isn’t a script, could something better be written for these creators of the War on Terror? Nope, this is another in the long line of government frauds and/or murders. One of these events is going to find a prosecutor and a grand jury with moral courage.

  3. MR. RYAN ; Another good , terrific piece on the corruption in the FBI ; the most corrupt agency in the world , beating CIA by a ball . FREEH & TENET confided in GHWB during the investigations . FREE H worked for Kissinger , ?And he defended BANDAR on ” money laundering charges , involving BAE , CHERTOFF was CEO of BAE , for a short time . TENET was in GHWB’s administration in 1989 .
    HAYDEN testified that TENET had committed Perjury in the 911 Commission interview . . Thank you .

  4. Caren B says:

    Thank you for being the first column I’ve seen (I’ve read approximately 12 articles on Orlando.) to look at G4S, formerly (in the US) Wackenhut. “The Wackenhut Corporation was founded in 1954 by former FBI official George R. Wackenhut, has been a publicly held corporation from 1966 to 2002, and they have recently merged with Group 4 Falck to create the monster private security firm Group 4 Securicor. http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Wackenhut

    According to one article, Mateen’s worked there since 2007 – ages 20 to 29 – which includes the years he was “a person of special interest” to the FBI.

    Thanks, too, for the information on two potential accomplices. How else could a “lone gunman” have shot up a nightclub for 20 minutes (!) without dozens of people pulling out “smart” phones and dialing 911?

    Of course, he’s dead. I’m just waiting for The Ubiquitous Passport to appear. 😉

  5. cursichella says:

    Confused over which companies had security contracts on 911 and I’d be grateful for clarification, important for connecting dots between 9/11 and Orlando:

    in one article you state that Stratasec (formerly known as Securacom, with Marvin Bush serving as director from 1993-2000) handled security for Dulles and United Airlines. According to Common Dreams, they also handled security for the WTC through 9/11/2001. 

    In an earlier article, you state Securicor/G4S handled security for all three 911 airports (Boston, Newark, Dulles) after buying Argenbright, who had the contracts.

    “Marvin Bush joined Securacom when it was capitalized by the Kuwait-American Corporation, a private investment firm in D.C. that was the security company’s major investor, sometimes holding a controlling interest. 

    The managing director at KuwAm, Wirt D. Walker III, a Bush cousin, was also a principal at Stratesec, and Walker, Marvin Bush and al Sabah are listed in SEC filings as significant shareholders in both companies during that period.

    Marvin Bush’s last year on the board at Stratesec coincided with his first year on the board of HCC Insurance, formerly Houston Casualty Co., one of the insurance carriers for the WTC. He left the HCC board in November 2002.”

    According to “What really happened”, security at all three 911 airports was handled by ICTS, an Israeli security company that sometimes provides security under the name of Huntleigh USA.

    According to a attorney Paul Hedlund interviewed by NBC News:

    “American Airlines Flight 11, World Trade Center North, New York
    Two of the hijackers first went through security at Portland International Jetport in Maine for their flight to Boston. Then all the hijackers on this flight gained access to AA Flight 11 gate through Globe Security under a contract with American Airlines at Boston Logan International Airport.United Airlines Flight 175, World Trade Center South, New York
    Huntleigh USA performed the screening for this flight at Boston Logan, controlled by United Airlines.American Airlines Flight 77, Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia
    Argenbright Security screened the hijackers for this flight at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia under contract with United Airlines.United Airlines Flight 93, near Shanksville, Pennsylvania
    The hijackers were screened by Argenbright Security at Newark International Airport, controlled by United Airlines.”


    Other sources, CommonDreams.com and FromTheWilderness.com

  6. Julian says:

    It’s been reported that James Wesley Howell had been a security guard. Is there anyway of finding out if he worked for G4S?

  7. Julian says:

    According to “Raw Story,” http://www.rawstory.com/2016/06/indiana-gun-nut-who-planned-to-attack-los-angeles-lgbt-pride-had-a-history-of-criminal-violence/

    Howell’s Facebook account lists him as a former security guard at Universal Protection Services in Clarksville, Indiana. He also claimed to work at Geek Squad City in a position he labeled CIA.

    Universal Protection Service doesn’t say if they are owned by G4S, but I found the two linked frequently, e.g.,

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