New President: Get Ready for Terrorism

Governments have terrorized their own people many times in history. They do so in order to rally support around policies that the public would not otherwise support like increased militarization and restrictions on civil liberties. In the United States, terrorism climaxes during the year a new president takes office. These facts, along with the historically low approval ratings for President Trump, suggest that the U.S. should be prepared for a major terrorist event in the near future.

trump-shootsIn the last 24 years, every new U.S. presidency has been accompanied by increased acts of government-sponsored terrorism in its first year. It began with the 1993 WTC bombing only a month after the inauguration of Bill Clinton. As the New York Times reported at the time, it was clear that the FBI was involved in the WTC plot. According to an FBI informer, agents knew the bombing would happen and helped to prepare the explosives.

CBS News also reported that the informer had recorded many of his conversations with the Bureau and that those tapes were very incriminating. Apparently the tapes, which were never revealed to the public, went into significant detail about the FBI’s coordination of the bomb building.

In the years leading up to 9/11, the FBI’s support for terrorism continued. The Bureau failed miserably at preventing terrorism when preventing terrorism was its primary goal. Moreover, the actions of FBI leadership suggest that it was facilitating and covering-up acts of terrorism. When 9/11 happened, some agents accused their own agency of being responsible.

It is widely recognized that the crimes of 9/11 rescued George W. Bush from rapidly declining public and media support in his first year as president. After the attacks, his approval ratings rose 35% and his administration was able to implement many pre-planned policies that the public would otherwise have never supported including the Patriot Act and several wars. Evidence that Bush Administration members were involved in the attacks and the subsequent cover-up has become compelling.

In 2009, the first year of the Obama presidency, TIME reported that domestic terrorism hit a peak. While the government claimed to have foiled many of the alleged terrorist plots that year, news coverage of the events kept terrorism in the forefront of the public mindset.

By 2011, even mainstream media sources were catching on. Journalist Glenn Greenwald reported in Salon that the cases in which the FBI had supposedly stopped terrorist plots were actually instances of the FBI plotting terrorist acts and entrapping the young, naive suspects.

In the past few years acts of domestic terrorism in Western countries have exhibited a formulaic set of features. The pattern observed suggests that most or all of the incidents were false flag events. Meanwhile, the FBI and CIA were found to be engaging in contemptible abuses of American justice during the military trial of alleged 9/11 conspirators. Those abuses indicated that U.S. intelligence agencies have a vested interest in covering-up the truth about 9/11.

Last year, suspicions about FBI cover-up of the 9/11 attacks continued. New acts of domestic terrorism displayed the same indications of FBI involvement that have been common since 1993.  Moreover, the group Human Rights Watch has documented that government agents are now “directly involved” in most U.S. terror plots.

As knowledge of the past grows, it is possible that citizens will prepare for opportunities to expose government-sponsored terrorism. For example, almost everyone has a cell phone with a video camera that connects directly to the internet. Once a terrorist event is first reported, it is feasible for those in the vicinity of the crime to document what is happening in order to better refute what is likely to become an obviously false official account. Citizen reporters could talk to eyewitnesses and photograph suspects and physical evidence, helping to reveal the deception.

With President Trump spiraling downward in public opinion polls, it seems that the only way to recover public support for his new government is through a major act of terrorism. Although this is a frightening prospect, and one that is predicted by the last 24 years of U.S. history, the next major terrorist attack could be the one that results in revelations that cannot be ignored. Whether this year or another, the public will eventually realize that willful ignorance of terrorism drives many of society’s biggest problems.

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14 Responses to New President: Get Ready for Terrorism

  1. Tim Michel says:

    I agree Kevin. Trump need a boost in his rating in order to implement his radical agenda. Also the level of dissent against his administration is palpable something a major terrorist event would quickly defuse.

  2. Ya left out ok city. For more on that I suggest the film A Noble Lie.
    Great work Kevin! Thank you for all that you do!

  3. Don Paul says:

    Way to go, again, Kevin.
    Don Paul

  4. Daniel Noel says:

    Good points and thank you for a very appropriate warning. I’ll respectfully doubt that “the next major terrorist attack could be the one that results in revelations that cannot be ignored.” The Master 9/11 terrorists took an unprecedented–and unrepeated–risk by televising live to the world the Twin Towers’ controlled demolition. They managed to frighten humanity as intended, but they also provided a video record which proves in layman’s terms 9/11’s essence as an evident false flag. It bears repeating that the Twin Towers’ controlled demolition makes it uniquely easy to demonstrate the existence of Plato’s thick and worldwide cave and therefore is sufficient to initiate a civilizational transition of historical importance. It is unlikely that they would provide such obvious clues in the future.

    On a funny side and at the risk of being called a conspiracy theorist, I propose that the putative upcoming false flag could simply be Trump’s assassination “by a lone insane gunman who just happened to be ready to shoot at the exact same time the Secret Service had its first security lapse since 1981.” The GOP would rid itself of its clown-in-chief, the gullible public would venerate Republicans and Pence’s administration as victims, the world would welcome the USA’s “return to reason,” scholars would compare Trump to JFK, and the war/fear-mongering machine would effortlessly crank up.


  5. Lee Anderson says:

    Great work once again Kevin.
    Unfortunately the next terrorist act will be full fledged war with Iran, China, Russia, not sure which one will draw all the others in but it’s obvious the NWO wants it and their Mockingbird Media is fomenting the flames with earnest.

  6. Barbara Sarmento says: In case anyone takes your camera, ACLU saves the incident info.

  7. Daniel Bruno says:

    As lucid as a glass of water. You can almost predict the timing of the next terrorist false flag that is “coming due” at some event or another. Or a war with Iran would do the trick, too.

  8. marvinsannes says:

    “Clearly it’s an act of war both in terms of its magnitude and its purpose. Behind these acts are states that provide the recruitment, the organization the sanctuary, the planning, the training, the logistics, the money, this could not happen without state support and state sponsorship.” Richard Perle – BBC interview 9/11/01
    “…we know the names of these rogue countries…” Ehud Barak – BBC interview 9/11/01
    Oh yeah! We know these states!

  9. Jon Cathcart says:

    Great article, Kevin. Not much on Israel’s well documented involvement. You know, neocons…dancing Israelis… art students…Larry Silverstein…? Maybe next time.

    • Kevin Ryan says:

      Interesting comment, Jon. I noticed that it included none of the connections to Canada, including NORAD, Atta’s alleged entry via Canada, or AMEC Construction. Maybe next time.

  10. chiefjoseph2 says:

    Kevin, I write about the Harley Guy in my book Youtopia, have you done any research on that. He There’s a video of some guy with a Harley Davidson T-Shirt and the guy turns out–allegedly–to be an actor and is interviewed by a roving Fox news reporter. The guy says, I saw the planes hit the buildings and that’s what caused them to fall. Of course the Harley shirt is most likely CIA psyops because anyone wearing a “Harley” shirt would surely be ALL AMERICAN and wouldn’t lie, and would love his country and all that.
    One other thing, I would love to see you put all your archives on disc and offer them for sale. I’m afraid you will lose them if they suddenly shut us all down. I thought about opening them all up and copying them myself, and I still might if you don’t make a DVD.

  11. Julian says:

    It looks like it might be starting.

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