Barry McDaniel and 15 Reasons to Investigate Stratesec

One of the men who led Stratesec, the World Trade Center (WTC) security company, has recently resurfaced on some small business websites. This is Barry McDaniel, the U.S. military executive who served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Stratesec from 1996 until 2002 and then briefly became the company’s CEO. The new websites provide rare photos of McDaniel and an opportunity to review some of the many reasons why he and his Stratesec partner Wirt D. Walker should be investigated for the crimes of 9/11.

Barry2Although McDaniel has been largely overlooked by investigators, Walker has been the focus of much investigation due to inquiries into his familial relationship to George W. Bush. The familial relationship is distant, unlike for Stratesec director Marvin Bush—brother to George W. and Jeb, but Walker’s background reveals many deep state connections.

Despite playing a central role in security for 9/11-related facilities, Stratesec was not investigated at all by U.S. authorities after 9/11. The company was a subsidiary of the Kuwait-American Company (KuwAm), foreign-owned and led by Walker and a young member of the Kuwaiti royal family. As described in my book Another Nineteen, there are many reasons to consider Stratesec, KuwAm, and their leaders as suspects in the crimes of 9/11. Here are a few.

  1. Stratesec had unparalleled access to several of the facilities that were central to the events of 9/11. The company had pre-9/11 security contracts with the WTC complex, United Airlines, which owned two of the planes that were destroyed on 9/11, and Dulles Airport where American Airlines Flight 77 took off.
  1. KuwAm was linked through its directors to the terrorist network BCCI. One of KuwAm’s principal directors, Hamzah Behbehani, came to the company after working for a BCCI partner bank from 1986 until BCCI was shut down. Furthermore, KuwAm was ostensibly funded by Kuwaiti royalty, which had significant BCCI connections. The chairman of Kuwait Airways, the state airline, was Faisal al-Fulaij, BCCI’s principal nominee. Al-Fulaij was deeply involved in the operations of BCCI and its U.S. subsidiaries. Kuwait’s Finance and Oil minister was Abdul Rahman Al-Atiqi, a major investor in BCCI.
  1. Stratesec held its annual company meetings in office space leased by the governments of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, both of which benefited from the response to 9/11. The offices were at the infamous Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC.
  1. Wirt Walker’s activities ran parallel to those of two known CIA operatives—Ted Shackley and Robert Sensi. All three men had unusual business relationships with Kuwaiti royalty and were involved in aviation and security operations. Like Walker, Sensi had an address in Oklahoma City.
  1. McDaniel had expertise in the acquisition and distribution of military ordnance. He had worked for the D.O.D. as the Deputy Director for Readiness at the U.S. Army Material Command where he was responsible for procuring and fielding all of the weapons systems for the Army. This background made him well suited to the job of acquiring and distributing explosive materials.
  1. McDaniel had links to the Iran-Contra crimes and to companies that conducted covert operations, like Sears World Trade and The Vinnell Corporation.
  1. The timing of McDaniel’s unusual career move to become COO at Stratesec matched the timing of work at the WTC that provided opportunities to plant demolition-related devices. The fireproofing upgrade project began in 1996, when McDaniel arrived, and was ongoing at the time of the 9/11 attacks. The floors of impact had just been completed shortly before the attacks.
  1. At the WTC, Stratesec focused on electronic badging, security gates, and the closed circuit video systems (CCTV). These security controls could therefore have been set-up to be bypassed as needed.
  1. At Dulles Airport, Stratesec had managed airfield access and electronic badging, as well as the security video system that later provided unique and critical evidence implicating the alleged hijackers. The 9/11 Commission Report referenced the security videotape from Dulles in three separate footnotes. The Dulles video was used to implicate all of the accused Flight 77 hijackers. Neither Logan nor Newark airports had such security videotape evidence to provide— only Dulles.
  1. KuwAm and Stratesec were led by directors and investors who were linked to deep state entities and who benefited from the response to the 9/11 crimes.
  1. After Kuwait stopped funding Stratesec, the company’s primary stockholder was a shell company whose principals were convicted of money laundering and conspiracy. This was the company called ES Bankest that illegally transferred nearly 200 million dollars from a Portugese bank to various operations like Stratesec. ES Bankest’s owners, brothers Eduardo and Hector Orlansky, and their partners, were indicted shortly after Stratesec closed.
  1. A stock purchase made by Walker and his wife, the week of 9/11, was flagged by the SEC as suspected 9/11 insider trading. Walker and his wife were never investigated, or even questioned.
  1. KuwAm’s subsidiaries, including all three aviation companies and Stratesec, went bankrupt shortly after 9/11 and there are reasons to believe that they were fronts for covert operations. These reasons include some of the facts described above and that these companies were always able to maintain strong cash flow despite dismal business performance. They appeared to close only because Kuwaiti government funding dried up after 9/11.
  1. KuwAm’s three aviation companies were operationally located in the same Oklahoma City offices—in the same isolated airport hangar—that have since been occupied by Zacarias Moussaoui’s flight trainer.
  1. After 9/11, McDaniel started a “defense solutions” and police state equipment company with Dick Cheney’s old partner Bruce Bradley. When independent investigators revealed that remarkable association, the company’s website was taken down.

Considering these things, it’s a good idea for investigators to remain alert to the activities of Walker, McDaniel, and their associates. Photos of the elusive men are not really necessary and there are still no public photos available for Walker. But McDaniel’s face has finally made an appearance on the web, along with a few other details about his activities and associations.

McDaniel’s current colleagues are a noteworthy bunch with experience in hotspots around the world. They include Kallyan Chakravorty, a former officer in the Indian Army who lists Skylink Aviation on his resume. Skylink is a Canadian company that provides aviation services in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan. It looks a like a CIA airline but is owned by a Libyan-Israeli named Walter Arbib.

The internet resume McDaniel uses today says that he has been “providing logistical service and construction solutions on most post conflict areas of the world including Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.” He’s just a guy who happened to be the right person to put the security system together for the WTC before it came crashing to the ground, and just happened to have expertise in explosive ordnance. He also happens to be linked to the Iran-Contra crimes, and happened to be business partners with a close colleague of Dick Cheney. Or maybe there’s more to it than that.

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  1. joseph p bell says:

    Mr. Ryan does it again . Bravo . What is your reaction to AMEC ? Pentagon repairs or remodeling , prior to 911 ; same after 911 . While they help in the removal of Debris , after 911 at Pentagon and WTC. They received a special award from the A-re F-arts .
    Cheney , i believe was dealing with the Canadian Company of AMEC regarding telephone and communication equipment . ?

  2. mikecorbeil says:

    Very interesting, to say the least. However, I wonder how this sort of study or research you’ve been doing could gain legal backing, like with court of law, f.e. I’m not at all expert in law so don’t know if there’re other ways than court of law for helping to complete the kind of investigation you’ve been doing into who the most likely peoople behind 9/11 are, but more than convincing ordinary readers is needed. After all, Washington doesn’t care for the US Constitution and democracy in the US is a fraud.

    • joseph p bell says:

      Dear Sir Corbeil , I have a list of at least 20 companies ,( some , many spawned by 911 terrorists from the FAA ) including all the people who / whom were given positions on the board of directors , to companies associated with military conglomerates .
      I will try to get my list together and post it sometime soon . Thank you .
      I do not know the law , but have been studying Public Law 107- 306 which relates to the 911 commission , and the number of ways they have destroyed these laws .
      Lynne Cheney , 1993 , wrote a book “, Constitution for Children “. Dick said it was too complicated for his mindless brain .
      She joins AEI , in 2000 ? and combines her newly found position to lobby the wars .Robert Novak , Catholic Theologian at AEI , is sent to Rome to convince the Pope ,John Paul ? that the Iraq War is a Just War . Guess they haven’t read the Just War Doctrine from the Catholic library .
      The Bishops Conference in Chicago denounced Bush and the war . Silence fell at the Vatican .
      Again deserted by the leader ship /.

      • mikecorbeil says:

        If the Vatican didn’t say anything one way or another, then maybe it’s a sign that the “chiefs” there agreed with the Bishops Conference in Chicago and preferred to simply try to avoid being retaliated against by Washington et al, which or who we know to enjoy black covert operations, including assassinations. Or, maybe the Vatican “chiefs” agreed with Washington et al and didn’t want to “rock the boat (or ship)” by causing revolution within the church. There’s a reason for the Vatican’s silence, but I guess that we just don’t know what it is. One thing for sure, however, is that the RCC doesn’t have the capabilities that’d be required to war against Washington et al, and there’d surely be plenty of traitors in the overall church, the western part of it anyway, for we already have concrete proof that this happens.


      • joseph p bell says:

        First things first : who is Benedict ? Ratzinger , now associated with Neil Bush , late 90;s ON the internet . Then he became Pope , after Novak visited the “other white house . “.
        1993 , Lynne Cheney ., AEI , same has Novak , writes a book for “young readers “. The Constitution “. As a member of AEI , she helped father the war cry against Iraq. AEI was making suggestion as to how we should proceed in Iraq . ( see Woodward , :” the War Within “) . Why was she in the Bunker on 911 . She is not a member of the Administration . She is there as a spy for AEI.
        Marvin > Jane Garvey , one of the leaders of 911 ( the FAA did it ) Benedict Sliney , see Kevin Ryan and Dig Within for a good description of Sliney ; Monte Belger , Jack Kies . Colin Scoggins . ETC.
        If i could type i would give you the entire story l; right from the 911 Hearings , which are not , NOT , included in the 911 Report : I cannot find anyone who believes the story , if i could send the video .

        C-Span has a great video of the military and FAA , skip the military , ( June 17 , 2004 , ) 12 th Hearing of the 911 Commission . If you get it, watch Belger and Sliney , the other two have a gun to their heads , only answer ( talk ) when Belger refers to them . Belger and Sliney tell the commission that Sliney brought all the planes down . Belger and Weickert from the FAA , have already confirmed that Mineta told them to Stop the flights . )
        Slade Gorton , worked with Garvey , 1997 to 2000 , he had to know Belger was not in charge . ( See Shirley Miller , Belger Secretary , she had to find him after the 1st hijack , when they got back to Griffeth , flight 11 had crashed and the 2nd plane was hijacked . ( this is only 1/100 of the story . )

      • Mike Corbeil says:

        Replying to your second post, which begins by saying, quote: “First things first : who is Benedict ? Ratzinger , ….”.

        The RCC is far older than he is, and he isn’t the first questionable (to say the least) Pope.

    • mikecorbeil says:

      Correction: The US Constitution isn’t a fraud, though democracy in the US is. The Constitution? Bush said what it is back in January 2003 when a journalist or reporter asked him at the White House about the Constitution while Bush was speaking of waging war on rather totally defenceless Iraq and Bush replied, saying that the Constitution “is just a piece of paper”.

      It’s the Law of the Land, but that law is on paper and not truly in the hearts and minds of many Americans. Paper is easy, quick to dispose of and I don’t know if there’s been a single honourable President during my lifetime (will be 58 in March). JFK was and wasn’t, and when he was, it seems that this may’ve been only a matter of appearance. Glen Ford at has provided on (TheRealNews at YouTube) some very interesting information about JFK and RFK that I’ve never previously or since seen or heard any reference to. Moderate Republican President Eisenhower began desegregation in the US and was willing to employ the US military to make this happen, so for Democrats to win the presidential election, they had to begin to support civil rights. Many didn’t like that idea but the Dem. Party had to change to this course if they wanted to win the election that got JFK elected. Etc. The interview with Glen Ford provides the rest.

      Anyway, Bush explicitly stated what the prior and succeeding Presidents, et al, think of the US Constitution and it’s just that these others evidently don’t dare to be this forward, say. It’s what Bush nonchalantly stated but something the others prefer to try to keep secret, as if they can fool us forever.

      So, it’s not that the Constitution is a fraud. The democracy is, but the Constitution is real and only disregarded. They don’t disregard democracy for there isn’t any real democracy in the USA anyway. It’s a serious wastage of time to disregard things that don’t exist. Well, disregard in terms of enforcement anyway. After all, they continue the fraud in order to try to continue to deceive us, so they don’t totally disregard democracy. When you go fishing do you disregard the bait that you use? Usually not.

  3. marvinsannes says:

    And Ehud Barak leaving Israeli politics to come to the US to work at the Electronic Data Systems co. in Plano. TX. and then to return to Israel politics in 2004. A Mossad guy, a prime minister, and he shows up in London an hour after the 2nd plane hits and lays out the whole story: Who, how, the war on terror with Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, N. Korea which has not changed in 13 1/2 years. Did he and the that co. have access to Mitre and Ptech, the Israel software cos. used by DOD. SS,
    FAA, NORAD, IRS, Air Force, Marines and a dozen more federal agency. Stinks to high heaven.

  4. Superb article! –Paul

  5. Lee Anderson says:

    Mr. Ryan you are a true journalist following your curiosity and digging up vital information other researchers can rely on. Keep watching as I will be writing about the sorry state of journalism and the left leaning gatekeepers.

    • Tip of the hat on t hat ,mr. Lee . I have been trying to make a list of all companies and individuals from 911 . Golly Gee , if i had a brain .
      The connection of / with Israel is in our Federal Reserve ;the man behind “yellin jellin , name unknown . But his face is always” grumpy “

  6. Lee Anderson says:

    Here’s some interesting connections to follow, the Knights Templars were disbanded and some fled to Switzerland, the Swiss Flag is a mirror image of the Templar flag, the Templars infiltrate the Freemasons and put Solomon’s Temple as a fixture in their lore, the Catholic Church is guarded by the Swiss Guard, the US Supreme Court is made up “traditionally” of four Jewish and five Catholics, constituting the supreme law of the land.

    Shared power among ancient enemies? I don’t know the answer to this one for sure. Any thoughts?

  7. A. Olson says:

    Kevin I worked for Stratesec and if you want the truth I would be glad to tell you, but this blog demonstrates you are part of a conspiracy that is so full of BS.

    • Kevin Ryan says:

      I’d be glad to hear your truth. Can you tell me more about your experience at Stratesec and the activities the company engaged in at the World Trade Center?

  8. Amy Eliason says:

    Great article. Thank you. A link to this article was in my FB feed. I am going to bookmark your site so I can noodle around some more. This is exactly the kind of information for which I’m seeking currently: the financial anomolies, as well as the access questions. Please keep up the great work.

  9. David C. says:

    This blog has been an eye-opening experience on how conspiracy theories work and evolve, eventually completely separating themselves from reality and creating a self-sustaining life of their own.

    I worked for Securacom/Stratesec for 5 years from before Barry McDaniel started until around March of 2000. I was project manager at Dulles Airport for almost the entire time, and because of my computer experience, I also worked at the WTC for a temporary assignment and knew the guys working there. Nothing you describe as possible or probable ever happened. It is a complete fantasy.

    With almost every statement, connection, or loose allegation I had to shake my head and chuckle. Marvin Bush? Really? Never saw him. He was involved in nothing. James Abrahamson? Nada. Wirt Walker? He could not care less about anything Stratesec did other than were they performing well or not. I met him once at a Christmas party where he said “Dave, I have heard great things about how you are getting things done at Dulles. Keep it up!” That was it.

    We had a great team of technicians, engineers, project managers, and admin personnel that came to work every day and did their job to the best of their ability. Unfortunately they were undermined from before the time I arrived by the original corporate management in New Jersey. It was suspected that the former CFO may have been embezzling money, but at the very least there was some terrible decision making going on and we had almost NO cash flow. No cash flow means vendors not getting paid so no parts to do jobs, so clients getting upset that things aren’t getting done. Myself and the other managers found that previous employees had not been billing for a lot of work being done, and had not been keeping track of inventory, extra hours onsite for additional projects, etc. We turned around the billing efficiency and some money began coming in that the NJ corporate office was quite happy about, but they used that money on projects that were more important to them at the time.

    Eventually Wirt Walker figured out where the problems were; he let the CFO “retire”, demoted the President to VP of sales, and brought on Barry McDaniel because of his experience at putting out fires and managing logistics–both being huge problems with the company at the time. In fact, one of our admin personnel that had worked with Barry before remarked “he always seems to be too busy putting out fires instead of getting any new work done.” In actuality Barry spent the majority of his time negotiating with vendors we were deep in debt to in order to keep parts flowing, trying to get some of our other clients to pay their bills, and working with the other managers in putting together bids to increase our clientele to stay in business.

    To shed some light on the operations of security systems, access control systems, badging systems, and CCTV systems installation and management at Dulles airport, that was all done under me by my crew; all very competent and hard working men and women. None of the details of what were done or how security operated, where things were installed, were shared with anyone in Corporate. Everything was done in house; the computers were not networked at all with any other company, organization or office. This was the mid-90’s and computer networking was not what it is now, especially considering we were underfunded and too busy to worry about anything besides getting the jobs done. In fact, when our engineer Scott finally got our office computers networked together so we could all use the same printers that was considered a major victory.

    All corporate every saw was the information to include in the monthly invoices. I kept nearly everything else onsite on a computer that few had access to and was not networked in any way, and no one at corporate even knew about the onsite computer, had access to it, or even cared about it. To think that somehow all this vast security knowledge was there for all these connected conspirators is absolutely false and quite humorous.

    This of course is a summary and there is WAY more to this story than what I have written; in fact it could probably fill a book, including the time the badging system crashed at Pass and ID and I found out the system backups were done with software that was not compatible with Oracle so they were corrupt, and I spent 120 hours in 5 days along with two other computer experts getting the system restored and running with the FAA onsite chief breathing down my neck every day (not in a mean sense…his main concern was that there was not a chance of any security breaches–he seemed extremely concerned about this. I assured him that worst case scenario was we would lose two weeks of new badge information so those people would have to come in to be reissued badges).

    I eventually left Stratesec because I got a job offer in NYC for a dot com startup just off Wall Street, ironically to this story, just 2 blocks from the WTC. Barry asked me to stay on but couldn’t match the salary they were willing to pay. I also saw the writing on the wall; Stratesec would not be able to get out from all the debt that the previous managers had saddled it with. I think Barry saw that too, but he was a fighter and would not give up. At that time Stratesec had lost the rebid on Dulles Airport to ADT, although it was more political than proficiency, and they had wound up their work at the WTC.

    Sorry to say, that although an interesting story, there is nothing here to investigate.

    David C.
    Former Project Manager at Dulles Airport

    • Kevin Ryan says:

      OK, David C., I’m going to assume that yours is not another hit and run comment from a Stratesec employee and that you are willing to discuss things. So to start off, why are you commenting anonymously? If there’s nothing to to hide, why can’t you use your full name? Secondly, are you aware that the only evidence linking the accused hijackers on 9/11 to the actual crimes comes from the CCTV system that you managed? Finally, can you tell us why that video evidence is not time stamped or otherwise identified as security video usually is?

      • mikecorbeil says:

        Excellent Kevin, and thank you for reminding that security videos have time and date stamping; a very important point. I already suspected something was wrong with David C.’s post, for it goes on for too long without any support references. It therefore is like a story anyone could fabricate. My hunch is that there’s something wrong with it. It doesn’t seem real or truthful, enough. I’ll “swear oath to the Bible” that there’s something wrong with what David C. posted. It’s in my gutts, instinct, intuition.

        I can’t always provide references, for some of my views about 9/11 and the so-called “War on Terrorism” are personal; however, they are in part based on additional learning from what others have provided, so I then can and do provide links. There’re,,,,, f.e. I’m not God but do try to be very careful. From what I’ve been able to gather, you have diligently worked, very carefully. Some people have said some negative crap about your 9/11 Truth work and I’m just left to wonder, Huh or Hunh? You’ve been highly careful. I think it’s difficult for anyone to be more careful.

        Unfortunately, there’re many trolls and shills; very frustrating people, to say the least.

        Keep up the excellent work that you do and, again, thank you for your reply to David C. If David doesn’t feel pinched, say, then he must be totally numb.

        Mike Corbeil (aka Michel, but for strangers, also even Jack)

    • Adam says:

      This behaviour sounds generally in keeping with a criminal organisation. Directors who dont care and refusals to pay contractors. One thing in particluar I would like to know though, why would the company have a financial relationship with ES Bankest? Whats that about.

    • ajlucientes says:

      “This blog has been an eye-opening experience on how conspiracy theories work.”

      There’s nothing theoretical about the mountain of well documented and mutually supportive facts that prove the 911/anthrax attacks were domestic crimes, or that the Twin Towers were blown-up and WTC 7 imploded. To even make such a claim reveals nothing but one’s complete ignorance of the facts, that they’re in a state of denial or that they are lying, in which case they are as guilty as the perpetrators. They’re called facts because they are not in question and neither are their implications. ‘Conspiracy theories’ -we only wish.

  10. David C. says:

    Where is my post? Did you not post it because it contradicted with facts what you wrote entirely in supposition?

    • Kevin Ryan says:

      David C, I just had not taken the time to go through the many comments on my blog. You probably know that I’ve seen a comment from another Stratesec employee who claimed to want to give me the truth and then wouldn’t return emails or phone calls. So it’s good to hear from you. Maybe you’ll be able to answer some questions. Would that be OK?

      • mikecorbeil says:

        David C. didn’t reply to Kevin’s question, so I must wonder why. An honest person should respond affirmatively, but now we have no response, or maybe it’ll take David C. days before responding. If he doesn’t, then his words are balongnie.

      • David C. says:

        That’s understandable. Asking questions would be fine with me.

  11. David C. says:

    If you want to know why, mikecorbeil, I have been out of town, once on a company trip and another on a personal trip to go snowboarding out west. It was awesome. I am currently going through email backlogs, and of course business and anything having to do with bills come first. And my words are not bologna (or colloquially known as baloney), although I do love a good fried bologna sandwich and think that the word is undeservedly maligned.

  12. David C. says:

    Adam, your statement about “behaviour sounds generally in keeping with a criminal organisation. Directors who dont care and refusals to pay contractors” is a bad argument first of all, and is ignorant of the situation. It’s not about “don’t care and refusal to pay”, it’s about mismanagement and driving a company into debt. There were also many clients that were very late in paying Stratesec (although it was Securacom at that time), and some smaller clients (Worldcom for one) that I believe went into default on their debt to Stratesec. I could be wrong on that one, but there were multiple reasons for a cash flow problem, and that was one of the main reasons Barry McDaniel was brought on board.

    • Adam says:

      It’s not about “don’t care and refusal to pay”, it’s about mismanagement and driving a company into debt.

      Is there a difference?

  13. David C. says:


    Here are answers to your questions:

    ((So to start off, why are you commenting anonymously?)) A. I used my first name and last initial. That’s not anonymous, just not a full disclosure. As someone who runs a conspiracy theory website, surely you understand why someone would not want their full name, places they worked, and the dates on the internet. I am still in the security industry and am fully aware of methods of collection and exploitation. If at one point you would like to verify my identity offline I would be more than willing. I think I can even dig up some old photographs, but I definitely have plenty of documentation.

    ((Secondly, are you aware that the only evidence linking the accused hijackers on 9/11 to the actual crimes comes from the CCTV system that you managed?)) A. I am sure there are tickets, credit cards used to purchase the tickets, passenger manifests and other evidence that links the suspects to the terrorist activity.

    ((Finally, can you tell us why that video evidence is not time stamped or otherwise identified as security video usually is?)) A The video recording system being used at Dulles Airport at the time of the hijackings was a digital system developed by Loronix. It was one of the first digital systems available for commercial and governmental use (and it wasn’t cheap) at the time. Loronix eventually expanded into badging system printers and had a lot of success selling some of their medium/low end products through Costco.

    The video signal (as it originates) itself is independent of any date time; it just comes from a camera. The recording system indexes the entire recording with date/time information, and it can’t be altered, but you can export the video without the timestamp showing on the video itself. The datetime stamp you see on most security video is a throwback to analog recorders that had no other way of tracking the information. It was automatically superimposed on the recording and wasn’t removable. On digital systems, it is optional to include that information as a superimposed image on top of the video, but there are cases where that does obscure some of the event taking place.

    I would be happy to answer any other questions you have, but allow me some time to get to them because I do have a pretty busy life.


    Dave C.

    • Kevin Ryan says:


      Thanks for providing the documentation establishing your identity as a former Stratesec employee. And thanks for agreeing to answer more questions. Here are eleven more.

      1. Your job offer letters state that you were hired to do maintenance and repair on the system components. Can you explain what kinds of maintenance and repair you performed on the CCTV system at Dulles?

      2. The CCTV equipment at Dulles was supplied by Verint Video Solutions, according to an employee of that company. Can you confirm that fact and, if so, how was the work divided between Stratesec and Verint?

      3. Who had access to the CCTV system at Dulles besides you and employees of Verint?

      4. Can you describe the exact camera and video distribution system at Dulles?

      5. Other 9/11 investigators have come to the conclusion that the Dulles 9/11 video contains “no information to link its images to AA 77.” Their reasons for this conclusion are as follows. Do you have feedback for them?

      a. None of the staff at Dulles remembered seeing the alleged hijackers at the airport
      b. Dulles had over 300 cameras but no footage was released except for portions of this one video
      c. The alleged Dulles video contains no date, time stamp, or camera identification (you have already answered this partially)
      d. The video was shot at a rate of 30 frames per second, which is not typical of CCTV videos, normally recorded at 1 to 4 frames per second
      e. The video appears to be an edited composite of shots taken from different angles

      6. Another source (pdf) says that the Loronix system at Dulles would “ensure that the images captured are tamper-proof by encoding a ‘fingerprint’ into them: Each video clip is fingerprinted through a mathematical algorithm during the video capture process. The fingerprint becomes part of the clip and is used by the playback software to verify the video has not been altered.” Is there any way that we can access the fingerprint from the system in order to verify that the video has not been altered?

      7. The 9/11 Commission Report makes the remarkable claim that the other airports involved on 9/11—Newark International Airport and Logan International Airport in Boston—“lacked closed circuit television surveillance.” Do you have any opinion about why Newark and Logan had no CCTV at all while Dulles had the state of the art system you describe?

      8. When you worked there, were any movies made at Dulles airport? Were any “FBI industrial films,” sponsored films, or training films made there that you are aware of?

      9. Can you tell us what Securacom/Stratesec did for United Airlines?

      10. What more can you say about Barry McDaniels or Wirt Walker and your interactions with them?

      11. I’ve noticed that the IP address for your comments on my blog belongs to the DoD Network Information Center (hostname: This appears to be the DOD’s Intelligence Information System. How did you go from working at Strateec, to working for a “” in NYC, to working for DOD intelligence defending Stratesec?

      • Dave C says:

        1. That is an extremely broad question that is pointless to answer, other than to say we fixed things when they weren’t working, and installed new cameras where we were asked to. Sometimes we had to move cables in conduits to make room for new baggage belts.

        2. I never heard of Verint and we never dealt with them. There is a possibility that they were contracted out for a small limited area video by one of the many tenants of the airport, anyone from Signature to FedEx. That’s just a thought. We did all the camera work for the MWAA from source to destination. We didn’t sub out any of that work. After Stratesec lost the contract around 1999-2000, ADT took over and maybe they contracted out some work, but we never did.

        3. Air operations people and our technicians. That’s it. No Verint people while we were there.

        4. Yes I can. However, it was very large, spread out over a lot of acreage so to speak. You do have to understand that the video cameras were not set up to catch hijackers in the manner of 9/11. They were there for a number of reasons including to assist Air Operations personnel in monitoring the airport operations, observing incidents where AOA (Air Operations Area) was breached, possible criminal activity involving anyone from baggage handlers to pickpockets and thieves that would operate around the baggage carousels. The video system fed back to Air Operations where the Loronix DVR system was located.

        5. Honestly and candidly I would say that they didn’t know what they were talking about. I explained this before. Digital video recordings do not HAVE to have the date/time display and camera number on them. It is an optional setting. The date/time information is still embeded in the actual data, but when it’s exported it does not have to be included. This is different from the old analog systems that these so-called experts are referring to with VHS tapes.
        a. Not surprising. Dulles airport handled over 10 million people a year at that time and many, many of them were foreigners or other minorities so it’s not like they would have stood out in any way.
        b. Again, many of the cameras at the time were on perimeter and AOA doors, baggage carousels, outside monitoring traffic on the Departures/Arrivals ramps, Immigration and Customs, etc. At the time I think we may have had only two cameras at the security checkpoints, and those were put in while I was there. Before that they had nothing.
        c. Already answered.
        d. This is worded BADLY, and is the result of people passing themselves off as experts when they are in fact clueless. The security video cameras being used didn”t have a frame rate setting that it shoots at. It sends an analog signal in real time back to whatever head end unit is installed. The RECORDING setting is what made the difference, and since we were using state of the art Loronix digital recorders with multiple storage servers it allowed real time (30fps) video to be stored for 2 weeks before the old video would be over written with the new. The statement of most CCTV systems recorded at 1-4 frames per second is absolutely stupid. Yes, some systems did because they lacked storage capacity, but you can see from the multitude of security video footage on youtube that there are PLENTY of systems recording in real time all the way back to 2000. Unless the system was set up for time lapse to provide a longer record, or they were using a multiplexer.
        e. I don’t know about that, but it makes sense if they were exporting all the video they had of the incident to put it all into one file. That’s what anyone would do.

        6. I believe I posted something to that effect in one of my previous posts. The answer is I seriously doubt it. That was a proprietary design by Loronix that involved 3 different keys, and each key was only known by one person. It would be impossible to alter the video without it being very obvious.

        7. It isn’t surprising. Security costs money, and there isn’t an immediate return. The government didn’t pay for any of it; the airport and airlines had to foot the bill. While I have no doubt that your quote is incorrect and that there were security cameras, they weren’t watching security and hence no usable footage. The airports have long been more concerned with the actual problems of the day–thefts, crimes, and breaches of the AOA (which would cause a wholesale evacuation of that part of the airport causing delays and lots of losses for the airlines as well as possible FAA fines).

        8. Yes, “Forces of Nature” starring Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck. She is quite short in real life. We went up to watch the filming and found ourselves in the background with all the extras by accident. No FBI movies that I’m aware of.

        9. As I mentioned before in 7 above, the airport and the airlines were responsible for security at the airport, NOT the government. That’s how we ended up with Argenbright for the contractor at the security checkpoints–they were the lowest bidder. They also got crucified after 9/11 quite unjustly. United Airlines had Dulles as one of their hubs so they being the biggest operator also had to foot the bill for the greater part of the security work.

        10. I covered all there was to Wirt Walker. He was never involved in anything concerning our operations. As I said before, all he cared about is that the company was functioning. I worked with Barry on sometimes a weekly basis, sometimes a daily basis depending on what was going on, usually having to do with any issues or situations that required more resources, or helping put together other bids for different clients.

        11. Friends. I had a friend call me up and tell me about the dot com job in NYC, and when that job came to an end I consulted a bit, then got hired through a job fair by a government contractor for some development work, and then a friend emailed me about an opportunity with his company for a DoD contract. I turned him down for a year, then finally accepted; better salary and it cut my commute in half. I really kicked myself for not doing it sooner, but I wanted to finish up a project I was working on at the time.

        You do realize that the government has internet…and that is not an intelligence network. Your last sentence is highly misleading. I am not working for DoD intelligence defending Stratesec. I am attempting to set the record straight about someone that has been unfairly targeted based on my personal knowledge of what actually took place. I called up a friend of mine the other day that worked for Stratesec and told him the conspiracy theory involving our old company; we both had a good laugh about it.

        12. Please, now that my identity has been verified to your satisfaction, let Mike Corbeil know that his gut was unequivocally wrong. He should just start listening more and speaking less.


        Dave C.

      • Kevin Ryan says:


        Reading through the bluster and insults, I extracted the following potentially useful information from your answers.

        • You fixed things and installed new cameras.
        • You never heard of Verint.
        • Only Air operations people and Stratesec technicians had access to the Dulles CCTV system.
        • You said the date/time and camera number were optional settings for recording. Then you said the date/time information was “still embedded in the actual data” and didn’t have to be included when exporting. I take this to mean that it was not optional during recording but during exporting.
        • You think Dulles may have had only two cameras at the security checkpoints,
        • The state of the art Loronix digital recorders with multiple storage servers allowed 30fps video to be stored for 2 weeks.
        • The Loronix system video would be impossible to alter without being obvious.
        • You have no doubt that there were security cameras at Newark and Logan.
        • You were not aware of FBI films made at Dulles.
        • You worked with Barry McDaniel, sometimes on a daily basis.
        • A friend hired you for a DoD contract where you work now.

        To clarify – Stratesec had a specific contract for United Airlines. Barry McDaniel has said this was for work in Indianapolis. Apparently you don’t know anything about it.

        Finally, I would encourage you to take questions about 9/11 seriously. That you and another employee from Stratesec “had a good laugh about it” is probably not something you want to repeat publicly. The readers of this blog include 9/11 victims’ family members and many others who don’t find the lies we have been told funny at all.

  14. fremo.remo. says:

    Well, Mr. Dave of Stratesec. Next time you and your mate have a laugh about the conspiracy of 911, have a cry, too. For your lack of science and truth and beauty. For your witting or unwitting part. Because whether you like it or not, WTC 1 2 and 7 were demolished by incendiary and explosive demolitions. And, so too, were the neural pathways of an entire generation ;
    that your words do nothing but confirm.

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