Covid: A Collision of Historical and Scientific Illiteracy

It’s been a year since I’ve written anything for this blog. The reason, frankly, is that I have been at a loss for words. What has happened to human society in the last two years has been, for anyone with an understanding of history, beyond belief. Of course, it should not be beyond belief because we know history repeats itself. And in the last two years it has been repeating with a vengeance.

I spent 18 years working to understand, and help others understand, the crimes of September 11, 2001. Those crimes were never honestly investigated apart from the work of independent researchers. The official accounts are widely known to be false and those who have taken the time to look deeper have found that there are good reasons to believe that people within government and major corporations were involved in planning and executing the attacks.

September 11th was a deception used by rich and powerful people to steal resources, consolidate power, and control the masses. It was just one example of such a mass deception.  Others include the following.

  • The CIA’s assassination of JFK
  • The false Gulf of Tonkin incident that escalated the CIA’s war in Vietnam
  • The deceptions used to justify the 1991 Gulf War
  • The government-sponsored 2001 anthrax attacks
  • Claims of weapons of mass destruction used to justify the second invasion of Iraq
  • The many manufactured terrorist events following 9/11
  • Previously hyped pandemics, including the 2005 “Bird Flu” and 2009 “Swine Flu” that were grossly exaggerated by the World Health Organization for the benefit of big pharma companies

Along with these conveniently over-looked crimes, the last 18 months have shown that the 9/11 lie was not taken seriously. Anyone who still believes that governments and media care about our health has forgotten that deep state actors murdered thousands of citizens on 9/11. The corporate media and corporate-owned governments then covered it up so that a million more could be murdered to steal resources and control people.

Historical illiteracy is largely to blame for the Covid scare although much of that illiteracy is by choice, through willful ignorance of events that cause cognitive dissonance. The examples cited above are but a few in the long history of deceptions used by governments to drive the agendas of the powerful few. People who ignore these historical facts not only turn a bind eye to history, they ignore painfully obvious features of current affairs including that “terrorism” has mysteriously disappeared.

People don’t want to acknowledge the fact that we do not live in democratic societies any longer. Yet today the world is fully run by an oligarchy and that oligarchy wants us to be diverted and outraged about superficial things while staying ignorant or silent on issues important to us like the following.

  • Indefinite detention without charges at Guantanamo Bay
  • Unwarranted mass surveillance
  • Voting machine hacking and election theft
  • Failure to prosecute the crimes of previous administrations (e.g. drone killings targeting weddings and funerals, torture at CIA black sites)
  • The increasing totalitarian censorship of dissenting views

Some people have accepted or ignored the poverty and famine being driven by the reckless response to Covid. And they have also ignored that the people driving the Covid scare have a history of crimes against humanity.  Not the least of these are Bill Gates, who has monopolized healthcare and has tried to buy off the media, and Anthony Fauci, who is known for having killed nearly 200,000 HIV patients with the toxic drug AZT.

How has the public’s willful ignorance been established so easily?  The Covid crimes were carefully practiced beforehand through a series of exercises conducted by governments and corporations since 9/11. And the operation builds upon elements utilized in all the previous government crimes against humanity.  Here are three primary components.  

  1. As has been demonstrated through all of history, the most effective way to dumb down a population is through fear.  Communism, terrorism, WMDs, virus… it all works the same way. This basic feature of the Covid scare is one of many features and outcomes that it shares with previous psychological operations.
  2. Censorship is another hallmark of authoritarian tyranny and we are seeing it raised to a new level in the media today. Any doctor or scientist who has spoken out about the obvious lack of scientific scrutiny applied to the Covid scare has been blocked on social media and ignored or smeared on television, radio, and in print.
  3. In America the most useful tool driving willful ignorance has been the narrative behind the phony 2-party system in politics. The Covid scare works in part because many Americans are easily controlled through the farcical theater of “right-left” identity politics. Today if you want “the left” to take a position, all that is needed is to frame it as opposition to Trump.  Control of “the right” is just as easy. This works despite the fact that we are ruled by an oligarchy that does the same things no matter who is in office.

Added to this formula of fear, censorship, and cartoonish politics has been the complete abandonment of science. Scientific illiteracy is known to be quite high in America, but that has become the case for many nations and today anyone with a lab coat and a pointer promoted by the media is accepted as a scientific authority. What people often forget is that it was doctors, not soldiers, who committed the worst crimes in Nazi Germany. These days it is just as easy to buy a doctor or a scientist as it is to buy a politician.

Scientific literacy in America took a giant leap downward after 9/11. The absurd anti-scientific approach taken by the government for the destruction of the Word Trade Center buildings was either accepted or left unquestioned by many Americans. No doubt the death of science with respect to 9/11 was a key step in enabling the Covid scam.

Here are a few examples of how people around the world abandoned science when it came to Covid.

  1. The PCR test for Covid infection in the U.S., which was used in many other countries as well, did not identify a unique coronavirus. In other words, the test had a high rate of false positives. Still, people accepted the narrative of “cases” that drove the fear.
  2. The policy endorsed by the WHO and the CDC that attributed Covid as a cause of death for anyone who tested positive using the false PCR test, no matter what their actual cause of death was, dramatically inflated the number of deaths attributed to Covid.
  3. Both the word vaccine and the word pandemic were redefined by agencies like the WHO to enable the Covid scare.
  4. The “vaccines” are experimental gene therapies that are making people sick and killing them. Those bought into the vaccine narrative responded to this fact with the diversionary claim that the Covid drugs do not change your DNA. But most gene therapies do not change your DNA. Instead, they provide a functioning gene in addition to your DNA. More importantly, all the Covid “vaccines” provide genetic material that drives the production of toxic spike proteins that cause blood clotting, endothelial tissue damage, antibody dependent enhancement, and death.  
  5. The Emergency Use Authorizations under which these Covid drugs were granted temporary approvals were based on fraudulent attacks against long-established, effective treatments like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.  The suppression of these effective drugs is responsible for the deaths of the patients who did die from Covid (instead of just with Covid).

How do we go forward realizing that many of our friends, family, and coworkers have decided to remain willfully ignorant of history and science and the facts about the Covid psychological operation?

It is a difficult question but one that has a few clear answers. First, we must stop parroting the absurd official narrative regarding Covid. It is an illness that has a 99.7% survival rate for the elderly and higher for everyone else. And it is very obviously a tool of propaganda in a psychological operation that exhibits all the features and outcomes of previous psychological operations. So, the first step is to not accept or repeat the nonsense narrative.

Secondly, since social media and other corporate media are completely compromised and engage in censorship of any facts related to Covid, we must reach people directly. This means speaking out locally, and contacting your city, county, and state government representatives to oppose the Covid agenda.

There are creative ways to resist as well. For example, if you are forced to wear a mask in public areas in order to conduct your life, put a message on the mask that lets like minded people see you. Something like “Mind Control” or “You stay safe, I’ll stay free” would work.

Finally, realizing that this will all get much worse before it gets better, plan to reduce your dependence on goods and services controlled by the oligarchy. If you can, get off the grid. In other words, find alternative sources of power, food, water, and the other necessities of life before the ultimate tool of control—the vaccine passport—limits your access.

The psychological operations of the media and political establishment are ramping up. They’re targeting every weakness of the gullible public, from its scientific and historical illiteracy to its most banal prejudices, in order to inflame superficial separations from the farcical left/right division to racial tensions. They know us better than we know ourselves. Let’s resist these provocations and see if we can establish control groups within this corrupt system that can survive and educate future generations.

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9 Responses to Covid: A Collision of Historical and Scientific Illiteracy

  1. lynn bradbury says:

    kevin; so many thanks for this very well written assessment. indeed it has been such a sobering two years and i agree with and am aware of everything you’ve said. i have your book ‘another nineteen’ and have always admired you and your integrity since ‘the beginning’.!

    the line including : ‘99.7% survival rate for the elderly and much lower rate for everyone else.’ mightn’t say what i think you mean it to say. (?). ie, ‘shouldn’t ‘lower’ read ‘higher’? or am i confused?! 🙂
    do you have the specific survival rate for ‘everyone else/” i was just needing this today. i’ve been putting lots of signs in my front yard since early 2000s re war, 9/11, us hegemony, israel/palestine, etc, next to busy road (mind you, this is very rural maine, but am sure i still ‘educate’/annoy many people!!!! i took most down for pair and change and winter snowplows but have many other former political/election signs removed from other roadsides, which i’ve repainted backgrounds and am gearing up for more writing/messages.

    thanks for your excellent advice and please stay well and safe. thank you for everything you’ve always done to keep people informed. lynn bradbury

  2. marvinsannes says:

    Yep. A thing worse than the murder of a child: Watching in silence!

  3. Lee Anderson says:

    I hear you Kevin, I think the left/right duopoly is the oligarchy’s biggest weapon. They create fearful scenarios for each side and it end up pitting working class against working class, everybody against everybody really but I prefer using working class because we are the backbone of society.

    I remember years ago when you debated some Popular Mechanics clown on Thom Hartmann and you clearly won the debate and showed how the official mythology is just that. And in all the years since, after all the research compiled proving the official lie Thom Hartmann has turned into a PNAC defender and his and Lamar Walden’s Kennedy assasination books where thy blame solely the mob were obviously a CIA cover story just as was Looming Towers which of course won its author. Pulitzer show just how deep the oligarchy’s tentacles reach.

    As far as covid goes whether you get the vaccination or not nearly EVERYBODY has been tested which means the oligarchy has virtually EVERYONE’S DNA on file to go along with facial recognition and every other digital record that exists. Also it’s not just a little bit curious the media isn’t very interested in rooting out the true source of the virus.

    I read and comment on the FB site about Covid. Keep up the good fight.

  4. davidofalaska says:

    From Alaska, Kevin, you remain a beacon for rational, critically thinking people, and have been a primary exemplar of persistent courage for all of these “so much water under the bridge” years now.
    Steadfast. That’s you, and that’s the quality so much needed in this hour of humanity’s and its at stake civilization-for-goodness’s sake ultimate peril—for the ages. Ever. And if we fail now at this task, perhaps forever. Those forces of darkness are arrayed and deployed against human progress as we have defined it at least since the Renaissance.

    You have given your all, so much more than a less morally defined individual could be capable of enduring.
    I know you are not about platitudes bestowed, the furthest thing from your mind, but nonetheless your self-sacrifice makes sincere kudos a requisite thing. Your life, the course you have consciously chosen against the odds laid down by today’s all-encompassing and evil juggernaut, has meaning deeper than most imagine. I’m just saying as one individual who realizes what is at stake here: Well done, sir.

  5. Robert Wilson says:

    I am heartened by your continued public participation against the false narratives.

    I am wondering if you are aware of the murder of History Commons & the 9/11 Timeline. I have donated hundreds of dollars in the past year after the Center For Grassroots Oversight, which runs the website (ran the website), declared the website “defunct.” I am personally more than willing to fund it 100% but am unable to reach them. History Commons has been down for months, still accepting my reoccurring monthly donations but no longer accepting my extra $125/month.

    I don’t need to explain to you the importance of the 9/11 Timeline and other research timelines on History Commons. I have come to entertain the possibility that the website was captured, or even started, to be intentionally ended. Why would they not ask others to take over the website instead of killing it?

    Do you have any insight or ideas about what can be done? There are several high-profile authors who have gone on record praising the website. Can the community stop this tragedy?

    Please continue to publish here. Even if it’s once a year, it’s tremendously encouraging to see you still here.

  6. mdmorrissey says:

    Kevin, I agree with most of what you say, but I think you don’t go far enough on 9/11 and go too far on Covid. You say “there are good reasons to believe that people within government and major corporations were involved in planning and executing the attacks,” assuming that individuals could somehow accomplish what only the government could possibly do, namely pull off 9/11 and the cover-up. This is a common error, and actually a delusion. Why do you not say the same about JFK? It was the government in both cases. Whether you call it the Deep State or — more accurately in my opinion — “The CIA and Its Allies” (cf. subtitle of Fletch Prouty’s “Secret Team,” it is the government. Period.
    On Covid, you have joined a number of “truthers” and others I respect but cannot agree with on this. Unlike all the other conspiracies that we would no doubt agree are real, this one requires us to put our health where our beliefs (or skepticism) are. Ignore masking and distancing and vaccination, and rely on ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (or zinc or vitamin C, etc.) to cure you if you get sick, ignore all the medical advice and information that is coming at us from all fronts, including our family doctors, and also ignore the literature that rebuts the claims made by “Covid hoaxers” (Joseph Mercola, RFK Jr, etc., and now you)? Is this really what you want people to do? Is it what you and your family are doing?
    And there is another point. Have you been following the discussion about the origin of the virus — or do we have to say “what people claim is a virus,” since many Covid hoaxers do not believe it exists? Have you considered that all of the anti-vaccine and anti-preventive measures protests could be an intelligence operation to distract attention away from the question of origin? This is a real conspiracy, because imagine how things would be if the Covid hoaxers and protesters were focusing on the origin of the disease, which real science has already determined was almost certainly the joint Chinese-American gain-of-function research at Wuhan. It should be screamingly obvious that neither government is ever going to admit being responsible for the pandemic and will do anything and everything possible to avoid doing so and try to prevent discussion of the issue.
    That is the real parallel with 9/11 and JFK (etc.). Just imagine thousands (millions?) of people all over the world demanding an end to the “research” that produced this pandemic (and probably others). Having a mixed bag of QAnoners and right-wingers plus left-wingers clamoring about a “Covid hoax” would be far more acceptable to the powers-that-be, with the added benefit that this particular conspiracy theory is crazy enough, and the protesters (many or most of them anyway) are crazy enough, to make all other conspiracy theories (like 9/11 and JFK) seem equally crazy and dismissable.
    Sorry to be so long-winded, but I am hoping for a thoughtful reply, and not just a brush-off. It is not easy to talk about this in a reasonable way, but perhaps we can do it.
    Michael Morrissey
    (I have a recent piece that may be of interest here:

  7. flybynews says:

    Thank you for Dig Within. What is obvious to some are missed by too many. Please note this article, Time for 3rd Party – Independents Rising Up – The current psy-op is critical as it was created by all of them coming to a point of pure fascism.. and it is now or never.. More resources on The Devolution of Pandemics – for research and understanding..

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