Ten Short Videos About Nine Eleven

1.  On the day of the attacks, firefighters testified to explosives planted in the World Trade Center buildings. This video was among those held secret for years by the government agency NIST and released via FOIA after public interest died down.


  1. The collapse of WTC 7, a 47-story building that was not hit by an airplane, looked exactly like a controlled demolition.


  1. News agencies, including BBC and CNN, announced the destruction of WTC 7 long before it happened. One BBC reporter announced the collapse while viewers could see the still-standing building right behind her in the video. Her news feed was cut when the problem was discovered.


  1. Physics teacher David Chandler explained that the Twin Towers were demolished by explosive demolition.


  1. There were many eyewitnesses to explosives at the WTC.


  1. Senator Mark Dayton testified that, if the 9/11 Commission Report was true, those in command of the national air defenses did not do their jobs and many lied about it afterward. Of course, Senator Dayton was probably wrong in his claims that all military officers had been lying for years because a much simpler explanation is that the 9/11 Commission was lying.


  1. Clips from the film Loose Change describe how military exercises and vice presidential orders obstructed the national air defense response.


  1. President George W. Bush could not respond to the claim that his administration knew about the attacks before they happened.


  1. Investigative journalist James Corbett was able to portray, in just five minutes, the absurdity of the official conspiracy theory.


  1. The victim’s families explained how their efforts were the only driver for any official investigation and how that investigation failed them completely.


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5 Responses to Ten Short Videos About Nine Eleven

  1. ignasi orobitg gene says:

    All packed with an incomprehensible reason.
    Buildings that withstand hurricane winds for decades and collapse in ten seconds.
    Huge transcontinental planes that disappear after colliding.
    Never seen in common sense

  2. anthony hall says:

    Why did the 9/11 Ground Zero Rubble Pile Burn for 3 months at Temperatures hot enough to Melt Steel ? In spite of Millions of Gallons of NYFD Water and Rain pouring on it. The only Fires to duplicate this are the Reactor Fires at Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island and Fukushima.

  3. mikebaldwin says:

    Thanks for gathering these 10 important, yet short videos together! Will be helpful for reaching newbie’s.

  4. Steve Romine says:

    Kevin, I have two questions for you. Did the UL test of an identical floor section of the WTC Tower that had twice the floor load, subjected to twice the temperature for twice as long as the WTC Towers which had a deflection of only four inches have fireproofing on the specimen steel beams ? Also would you consider doing a radio interview with me on community radio over the phone. Richard Gage, Tony Zamboti and others have been on my show. I would be very appreciative if I could interview you. Please email me. Thanks, Steve

  5. mikecorbeil says:

    Keep up the good work, Kevin.

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