The Problem with Conspiracy Theories

People today spend a lot of time talking about conspiracy theories. These theories often do harm because they divert attention away from the facts and thereby allow real crimes and other harmful effects to continue. Such conspiracy theories can be spotted based on three basic characteristics.

  1. They lack evidence.
  2. They spread widely before the facts are examined.
  3. Much simpler alternatives are not considered.

For example, take the most popular conspiracy theory of recent times—the official account for the crimes of 9/11.

  1. This theory was produced by mythologist Philip Zelikow, who, before the investigation began, created an outline that was kept secret from his own Commission staff. Zelikow’s outline determined the outcome of the investigation before any facts were examined. Moreover, the 9/11 Commission claimed sixty-three times in its report that it could find “no evidence” related to important aspects of the crimes. Evidence that the Commission did rely on, as a basis for its report, was later found to be false. Similarly, the evidence collected and held secret by World Trade Center investigating agency NIST was later found to contradict the agency’s conclusions. Much of that evidence is still being held secret including the computer model data—that NIST was forced to substitute for physical testing—that contradicted its conclusions.
  2. The conspiracy theory reports provided by the 9/11 Commission and NIST spread quickly before anyone could examine them. Getting government representatives to commit to any explanation for what had happened on 9/11 took years but, once ready, news media sources were prepped in advance to allow rapid parroting of the official line. The timing of NIST’s reports coincided with political events, like each anniversary of the 9/11 crimes, so that media could quickly present the official story while public interest was high but critical review was not possible. With the report on WTC 7, the public was given just three weeks to comment on a report that was nearly seven years in the making. The report was later found to be unscientific and false.
  3. The official conspiracy theory for 9/11 calls for belief in unbelievable things. That is, to believe the official account you must accept that otherwise honest military leaders will lie repeatedly for years to make themselves look bad. Buildings will collapse in unprecedented ways, through the path of most resistance, with no scientific evidence to explain it. The Secret Service will fail to do its job, insider trading can occur with no insiders, and “the enemy”—a vaguely defined group of dark-skinned people who just happen to live on strategically critical resources—can remain omnipotent and elusive. All the while, much simpler explanations are evident but cannot be considered.

The official conspiracy theory for 9/11 has led to tremendously harmful effects. Many Americans have forgotten completely what it means to be an American. An ongoing terrorism lottery, that could select any of us as a victim at any time, continues with no end in sight. And the 9/11 Wars that were based on the official account are bankrupting the nation both financially and morally.

Yes, conspiracy theories are a problem when not examined closely. Let’s all take a closer look at this one.

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12 Responses to The Problem with Conspiracy Theories

  1. Marv Sannes says:

    Excellent! Concise , clear, and brief. America’s readers cannot stand anything that cannot be read in seconds. Trained to disobey observation. Brief and powerful statement repeated is how these myth can be lit up. “Truth and Reconciliation”, solving 9/11 – Ends the Wars, re-direct US military personnel and resources to save the our life’s environment.

  2. The mother of all mishandlings of conspiracy theories such as you document here has been followed by the quick acceptance of many more false accounts of mass murders designed to further our passive relinquishment of our natural and constitutional rights. Key questions remain not only unanswered but unasked by the mainstream and “traditional alternative” media regarding Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, Orlando, and San Bernardino and on through the Las Vegas attack. The official and controlled opposition media are happy to cover these “Gladio II” black ops with feigned shock and outrage before moving on to the latest adopted puppy story. Nothing you can do about it, the police are on the case, don’t worry, be happy. Oath Keepers offered early promise, but it has not followed up by exercising any real leadership. Instead it just tries to prove that there are good guys with guns, providing citizen security after the fact but never questioning the official story, such as of the attack in the church outside San Antonio where more people were killed than usually attended services, and as with Orlando there is not a single cell phone video of the attack itself. But of course in a world where people can suspend their belief in the laws of physics in order to avoid disbelieving authorities, what’s wrong with believing in mass attacks with no blood and no other real evidence? Just take your Soma and go gentle into that good night.

  3. UA175 turned in a circle around New York City by J. David.Canoles Manager Air Traffic Evaluation and chief Investigation Staff Federal Aviation Administration A review of FAA Air Traffic Control radar data showed that UA175 departed from Boston and headed west towards Los Angeles. UA175 turned left and headed east, flying through Newark Airport’s airspace. By this time, the transponder had been turned off. Mr. Canoles characterized this as indicative of knowledge of the aircraft and air traffic control procedures. UA175 turned in a circle around New York City. Mr. Canoles characterized the flight through Newark Airport’s airspace and the turn as indicative of piloting skills and extraordinary navigation skills. UA175 subsequently crashed into the World Trade Center.

    • are you absolutely certain that “FLT175” crashed into the south tower?
      where is the aircraft? that is where is the physical evidence that would support the allegation of there having been an airliner crashed into the tower?

  4. Anthony Hall says:

    Everybody who saw the Twin Towers collapse on TV knew that they had demolished with Explosives. They had seen many tall buildings brought down by Demolition Experts, on TV; with huge Clouds of Concrete Dust. They had also seen Skyscrapers Burning to leave part of the Skeleton Exposed; but Never seen one Totally Collapse.

  5. emmett23 says:

    Neither the FBI nor the NTSB produced any material evidence that a passenger aircraft, let alone one leaving Boston under the flight number UA175, hit the South Tower of the WTC. No debris were identified. There is no photo of the plane’s engines. There were no Islamic pilots involved at all.

  6. tonypowell53 says:

    Outstanding! Thank you

  7. Yannick says:

    We need to ask ourself why do some people want to believe the official account for the crimes of 9/11.
    1st reason: A lot of racists want to blame arabs
    2nd reason: A lot of pro-OGM activits want to believe the NIST hypothesis because they don’t understand how science works and what a scientific consensus is
    3rd reason: Jihadists want to believe they did 9/11

  8. Anthony Hall says:

    Some Steel Sections retained after the Cleanup shows Vaporisation on Flanges and Webs and evidence of a High Temperature Eutectic. This is evidence of Temperatures in Excess of 2,000 Degrees Centigrade in Towers 1&2. Also the Rubble Pile at Ground Zero Burned for 99 Days at Temperatures Hot enough to Melt Steel 1580 Degrees Centigrade. The Only Other Fires to Burn this Hot were Reactor No.4 at Chernobyl and Reactors 2,3,4 at FukIshima.

  9. Jonathan Mark says:

    As Carl Sagan often said, extraordinary claims or theories require extraordinary evidence to back it up to be taken seriously. Many theorists are more attached in being right than being effective. Ego and belief can circumnavigate reality and mislead oneself. I so appreciate the grounded scientific approach by Kevin Ryan which makes his whistle-blowing hold credibility and impact for so many years. Thank you dear patriot. I think Bob Bowman would agree..

  10. Jonathan Mark says:

    A powerful clear article that I share often to help focus on what we know is truth.. rather than debate on theories that take away from it. Kevin Ryan, whistleblower, is such a gift to our world. Thank You.

  11. Sam Quentin says:

    The oft-regarded “Father of Spin”, Edward Bernays, was quoted as saying “The best defense against propaganda: more propaganda.”
    I.e. – when you have a lie, methods of defending that lie include: sticking to that lie, often with even greater fervency, and creating new lies to use as “evidence” in supporting that initial lie.
    The longer you stick with a lie, and the more intensity with which you promulgate that lie, the more people will likely believe it.

    The sad reality is, much of human purported “wisdom” is based on the same.
    Superstition, of which propaganda, conspiracies, and other such can be similarly grouped, have often formed the bases of much human “knowledge”.

    Throughout history, those rebuking official narratives were often persecuted.
    To often be revered much later.

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