WTC Security Firm Held Its Meetings in Saudi Offices

us-saudi-flag-537x350There continues to be interest in the links between Saudi Arabia and the crimes of 9/11. Although those links often point back to powerful people in the U.S., the mainstream media tends to focus the story on Saudi Arabia alone. That seems to be due to the fact that control of natural resources in the Middle East is what really drives terrorism. Nonetheless, it’s important to continue revealing Saudi connections to 9/11 because they can help us understand what really happened.

Reporter Margie Burns first revealed that Stratesec, the security company for the World Trade Center and other 9/11-impacted facilities, held its annual meetings in offices leased by Saudi Arabia. That fact highlights the glaring lack of investigation into the men who ran Stratesec.

For example, the Securities and Exchange Commission suspected Stratesec’s CEO, Wirt D. Walker, of 9/11 insider trading. Despite that documented suspicion and the SEC’s call for FBI investigation of Walker’s trades, neither the FBI nor the 9/11 Commission questioned Walker at all.

Stratesec had security contracts not only for the WTC complex, but also for Dulles airport—where American Airlines Flight 77 took off—and United Airlines, which owned two of the other three hijacked planes. The company’s directors and investors were an interesting group as was the chief operating officer, Barry McDaniel.

Walker was the son of a CIA officer and his activities paralleled those of known CIA operatives. Today, many of Walker’s colleagues have top-secret clearances, suggesting that, like his father, Walker has ties to U.S. intelligence.

Stratesec held its annual meetings in office space leased by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission. This was at the Watergate office building in Washington DC (2600 Virginia Ave, NW), in suite 900. Stratesec’s parent company, the Kuwait-American Corporation, used that Saudi-leased office as its business address.

Some of Walker’s other businesses listed the Saudi Cultural Mission’s offices as their primary business address in SEC filings. This included Prism Entertainment, which made and distributed movies, and ILC Technology, a maker of “high intensity lamps.” Coincidentally, ILC’s subsidiary United Detector Technology made flash detectors that could be used for igniting explosives.

Walker’s company Aviation General also held its annual meetings in the Saudi-leased offices. What’s more, the operational offices for Aviation General are now occupied by Zacarias Moussaoui’s flight trainer.

U.S. politicians and media have no interest in these and other facts that link Saudi Arabia and the U.S. deep state to the crimes of 9/11. Apparently, it’s not the truth that drives the calls for more information about Saudi connections to 9/11, it’s only the possibility of gaining more control over Saudi resources.

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9 Responses to WTC Security Firm Held Its Meetings in Saudi Offices

  1. Kevin, isn’t it also true that Kroll and Associates was in charge of Security for WTC buildings, with Jerome Hauer as the lead individual, who also hired John O’Neil, from the FBI, to head the security detail at WTC towers, with O’Neil actually being killed in the attacks after leaving the FBI where he had been the Agent following most closely the activities of none other than Osama Bin Laden? ‘Coincidentally’ Hauer was one of the first interviewed on TV on 9-11, and probably the first to link Bin Laden to the events of that day. Jules Kroll and Jerome Hauer are deeply linked to Zionist elements within the US and Israel. As are all the players in the ownership of the WTC complex: Silverstein, Lauder, Lowie and Goldberg, all of whom benefitted greatly from the attacks of 9-11, Israel included. Cui Bono? Kevin. Who Benefits? More than just the rotten elements within our own Deep-State (aka Zionist Neo-Con job) wanted 9-11 to happen….full disclosure is always a good policy. Not to mention the deck being stacked with the likes of Dov Zakheim, Richard Perle, Eliot Abhrams, Paul Wolfowitz in the DOD, and Michael Chertoff, Mukasey and others in the Justice Dept. Stacked with Dual – US/Israeli traitors who ALL benefited greatly from the attacks of 9-11…thanks for another informative piece of the 9-11 puzzle.

    • Kevin Ryan says:

      No, Kroll was not in charge of security at the WTC on 9/11. Kroll did design the security system though, which is one reason why Kroll’s deputy chairman, Brian Michael Jenkins, is one of my suspects.

      • Adam says:

        I have become really interested in Kroll after I learned Frank Wisner or his deputies met with Egyptian Islamic Jihad at the US Embassy in Cairo multiple times in 1989. This was a year before the Blind sheikh moves to the US via Sudan. Frank Wisner apparently went to work for Kroll. Also Wisner’s father was responsible for setting up Operation Gladio which has been accused of carrying out terrorist attacks.

  2. marvinsannes says:

    Saudi Intelligence, Mossad, CIA, Neo-cons, American ideologues, Pakistan, Britain, China, KGB, Pentagon. Every intelligence officer on the planet saw their salary and budget increase the instant WTC2 was hit. On the evening of 9/11 Richard Perle told us: “…the recruitment, sanctuary, planning, training, operations, logistics, money, this had to have been state sponsored”. We’ve searched and bomber the Hindu Kush Mtns. and those 5 story A/C’d cave bunkers Rummy told us of, were not there. We looted the Iraq Museums and not found our state sponsor – maybe those Wahhabist Arabs of Saudi Arabia? Ehud Barak told us the same evening: “We know the names of these rogue states.” Yep, we know. (But don’t say it out-loud). I sure wish we could have had Fletcher Prouty’s take on these events.

  3. Excellent work! I seem to remember reading that in a book by David Ray Griffin that Wirt Walker III is a cousin of George W. Bush. Likewise, wasn’t Bush’s brother Marvin a managing director of Stratesec before, during, and after 9/11? I’m getting this from the same source (though by way of memory): The 9/11 Commission Report: Ommissions and Distortions.

    For a long time I thought this Marvin Bush angle was the single most damning detail of 9/11. It may be. But as you say, very few people seem to care anymore (or at least that’s perhaps what we are meant to perceive).

    Was Stratesec the one which became Securacom? I wonder if it’s still operating under that name.


  4. Adam says:

    Opposite the Watergate Hotel is the Saudi Embassy. An employee of the Saudi Embassy, Khalil Alkhali, helped to build the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, CA.

    This was the Mosque visited by Nawaf al Hazmi and Khalid Al Midhar. reportedly they were helped in America by Omar Al Bayoumi, possibly from the Saudi Embassy in LA.

    As the 28 Pages are topical, I just thought Id mention this.

  5. Caren says:

    Walker. As in George Herbert Walker Bush. The 2 families are related, and Wirt is a cousin of George W(alker). Bush. Bush’s (W’s) brother, Marvin, was a CEO of Stratesec.

  6. Adam says:

    Evidence of Kuwaiti officials lying to American officials about terrorism matters:

  7. Donald M says:

    Excellent info and very interesting and fanning at the same time

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